Rapid Prototyping Services

What's your next big idea?

Upload your drawings and get a custom quote in a few hours.

What's your next big idea?

Upload your drawings and get a custom quote within a few hours. Get started

What We Do


At GTR ProtoPlus, we understand that when high-tech innovators need rapid prototyping services, they need it now. Accordingly, your greatest need has become the hallmark of our business. While other companies often overpromise and underdeliver, we are pioneers in converting your drawings to delivery in just a few days and producing your finished product at lightning speeds.

Similar in appearance to a pristine racing garage, our dedicated manufacturing facility is outfitted with all-new equipment and state-of-the-art technology. From precision laser cutting to punching, bending, welding, hardware insertion, and paint and powder coat, we provide all the processes required to ensure that you receive the highest quality, reliable prototype.

When we receive your call, we will immediately suit up and jump into action. We will leverage our engineering expertise to provide the service you expect and avoid untimely (and often expensive) mistakes. Throughout the process, our experienced pit crew will be dedicated to making you the first to cross the finish line and beat the competition to market.

During and after the race, you can expect to receive superior customer service, further building your confidence in our capabilities. After prototype development, we will be thrilled to seamlessly offer both small- and large-scale manufacturing production through our parent company, GTR Manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping Services

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Laser Cutting

Our compact yet highly versatile high-speed CNC 4K watt fiber laser center cuts parts with speed and precision. It cuts through materials ranging from .015” to .250” with ease.

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Our 22 ton CNC thick turret punch press with 52 stations has 4 auto-indexing stations and is capable of forming features, counter sinking, and embossing standard 40” x 48” blanks.
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Today, forming is an art supported by technology. Our high-speed CNC electric press brakes, coupled with integrated software, ensures precise forming per customer specification with repeatability.

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Rounding out our fabrication capabilities, we offer TIG welding and spot-welding. Our expert crew is trained on the latest technology and methodologies which are all part of our commitment to you.

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Hardware Insertion

Efficiency is the key, with turret capabilities to install four different hardware types in one handling, these machines maximize efficiencies while maintaining a high-quality press fit for hardware installation every time.

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Paint & Powder Coat

We can take prototype parts to the next level by offering paint, powder coat, silk-screening, plating or anodize finishes. Giving the final product representation to meet your marketing team or client’s needs.

Our Promises to You

Lightning Speed Production

Lightning fast production is the hallmark of our company. We are committed to satisfying your level of urgency by taking your drawings to delivery in days, not weeks.

Superior Craftsmanship

With the benefit of a dedicated facility with all new equipment and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to focus on meticulous attention to detail.

Engineering Expertise

Our team of seasoned engineers oversee every step of your fabrication project with an expert eye–eliminating common margins of error and ensuring your project will be delivered accurately and on time. Every time.

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Life Science

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Renewable Energy



"We sought a true partnership with a team that could contribute to the engineering process and present innovative ideas. We ship world-class products and do so with confidence and agility thanks to the support we receive from GTR ProtoPlus."

Tony A. / Project Manager

"Hawt diggity dog! Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! We want to send a massive thanks to the GTR ProtoPlus crew for their quick-turn service. There are going to be some very happy team members tomorrow."

Rick L. / Project Engineer