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Custom Metal Prototyping

What's your next big idea?

Upload your drawings and get a custom quote in a few hours.

What's your next big idea?

Upload your drawings and get a custom quote within a few hours. Get started



If you’re an engineer or high-tech innovator looking for custom metal prototyping produced at the highest quality and with unparallelled precision, look no further. At GTR ProtoPlus, we combine our history of nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience with an all-new, state-of-the-art facility that looks and feels like that of an F1 racing champion. Similarly, speed is at the forefront of everything we do, but never at the expense of exceptional quality and the level of customer service you expect. Contact us today to learn more about our precision prototype services, and we’ll help you be the first to cross the finish line!


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Our favorite question is, "How can we help?" Below, we have answered some of the most common inquiries that we receive, but if you are looking for information not provided here, please get in touch and someone from our crew will respond ASAP.

How fast can I get a quote?

Once we receive your files, a quote will be submitted back to you within 24 hours. Standard fabrication lead time on flat panels without finish is 5 business days or less and on non-complex geometric parts without finish is 7-10 business days. Standard finishes add approximately 3-5 days depending on type of finish. Our lead time clock starts ticking 24 hours after receipt of order and is calculated as business days (5 days a week, not including weekends). The number of days given represents our ship date and not dock date.

What files can you receive?

We can quote from STEP, SLDPRT, DXF and Native PDF files. We will manufacture from model files.

What are your standard materials?

Other materials can be processed, but it may affect normal lead times. Send us your request for quick review.

What kind of finishes do you offer?

Powder coat, paint, silk-screening, chromate (clear RoHS and yellow), zinc plating, anodize (clear/ black), passivate, and electro-polish.

What are your payment terms?

We offer highly-secured, 3rd party credit card payments. Net 30 terms can be offered to existing customers or with new customers pending credit approval.

How do my parts get shipped?

We will gladly process shipments under your preferred logistic organization using your account number or we will provide PrePay and Ship using our UPS account.

What’s the maximum length part you can form?

Our EG6013 67 ton Amada press brakes have a max bend 48" and max stroke of 5.9" height.

Do you offer welding?

Yes, we have TIG welding capabilities along with spot welding.

What defines a non-complex geometry part?

Generally speaking, this would be parts with no compound angles, 12 bends or less, assemblies of 5 or less, no machined features, and fit on our standard 40" x 48" size blanks. Simply email us your file(s) for a quick evaluation.

Can you handle larger volume order quantities?

Yes, if speed is in need, we can process low volume production orders. For higher production quantities we can seamlessly migrate parts over to our parent company GTR Manufacturing